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Tektronix – MSO4B

Aplicatii Automotive, Educational, R&D
Banda frecventa 100 MHz – 500 MHz, 501 MHz – 1 GHz, 1 GHz – 4 GHz
Canale digitale Da
Familie MDO4
Numar canale 4, 6
Parteneri Tektronix
Rezolutie ADC 12 bit

Detalii produs Tektronix – MSO4B

The versatile 4 Series B MSO has the performance to address tough design challenges and a user interface that works the way you expect. With a new upgraded processor system, it delivers accurate measurements faster with an outstanding range of analysis tools.

What’s new in the 4 Series B

  1. Faster processor
    • > 2X more responsive UI
    • > 1.5X faster data transfers
    • Faster analysis and serial decoding
  2. New display with greater contrast and viewing angle
  3. Two USB 3.1 host ports
  4. Fast e*Scope browser-based remote access

Datasheet-ul se poate accesa aici, pentru o descriere mai detaliata a caracteristicilor.

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